Can you imagine how many…

People are having the best moment of their life

Soldiers are fighting

Lives are ending

Money is being wasted

Lessons are being learnend

People are lying

Writters are writing

Hearts are being broken

Lives are being stroken

Kids in not having a home

Lies are being believed

Teenagers are growing up

Stories are being told

Truth is bring spread

Medeja, 9.b

Can you imagine how many…

Americans are looking for good food

Spanish people are playing football

British people are drinking tea

Students are wearing masks

People are travelling

Canadians are sleeping

Indians are eating curry

French people are eating macrons

People are swimming in the Philippines

Teenagers are on their phones

Parents are arguing

Liars are lying

Plants are growing

Poor people are suffering

Adults are watching Tik Tok

Chinesse are playing table tennis

Australians are jumping like kangaroos

Mexicans are wearing sombreros

Indian elephants are carrying people

Alina 9.B

Can you imagine how many…

Hearts are being broken,

Lives are being stolen,

People are crying,

People are lying,

Lives have just started,

People are brokenhearted,

Soldiers are fighting,

Writers are writing,

Kids are playing,

and priests are praying.

Killers are killing,

and guys are just chilling.

Kids have no home,

People are all alone,

Girls want a pony,

The boys are named Tony,

People found their lucky penny.

Tia Bauman, 9.b