Can you imagine how many

Some people are now sad,
others are mad or even glad.
Some of them are happy,
not like others who are crappy.
They are living their dreams in Hollywood magazines,
or are living on the street with nothing to eat.

Our lives are different that’s the point
they go really fast, like a joint,
so be happy, smart and wild
be childish when you are still a child.
Because you will grow up too fast
and also regret the past.
So many people are trying to be the best,
at the end, they’re just acting like an ass.

So at the end you will maybe realize to be yourself,
don’t let your mind be small like an elf.
Be thankful for all the good people in your life,
don’t act like an old unhappy wife.

Be kind to many, but don’t hurt any.

Hana Mulec, 9.b

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