Hide and seek

Mommy, can we go to the park today?
I promise I’ll behave.
“Not today.“ To my dismay,
I hear her soft words utter.
“Why?“ I ask all bold and brave
As she sighs and closes the shutters.

“The park is closed,
The people are gone.“
She tries to put me back to bed.
I’m not supposed to do her wrong,
But I run out through the door instead.

“Mommy, look, the park’s alive,
All of my friends are there!“
Some men in brown have just arrived
And are taking them somewhere…

“Mommy, where are all my friends going,
Why must we stay inside?“
She takes the breath of a God all-knowing
And says “They’re the seekers, and we must hide.“

The Sun makes its way after the moon
and comes back up again.
The night is gone, and I wonder then
If I’ll see my friends anytime soon.

“Mommy, can I go outside today?
I promise I’ll be good.
I’ll run and chase the blight away
And maybe bring us some food.“

Mommy says nothing and turns away,
A tear rolls down her cheek.
“Oh, how I wish we didn’t have to stay,
We haven’t eaten all week.“
Mommy hugs me tight and starts to speak:
“That’s how we must play hide and seek.“

I go to bed and try to sleep,
But my stomach feels very poor.
I hear my mommy start to weep
When someone in brown comes through the door.

“Mommy, there’s no need to cry.
They found us last, we won!
They gave us pretty gold stars
To reward us for our fun!“
Mommy holds my hand and says “Dear, the game has just begun.“

Ilana Zoya Glisik, 9. a

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